Unscented organic handmade castile soap from Birch and Brass
Handmade soap for sensitive skin from Birch and Brass

Sensitive Skin

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Our Sensitive Skin bar is specifically formulated with a mix of gentle, organic, nourishing oils. It contains the soothing benefits of fresh aloe and rosemary.

Unscented handmade soap for sensitive skin!

Looking for a natural soap for sensitive skin? Birch+Brass handmade, and organic soaps! The Sensitive Skin bar, is made with a blend of organic olive oil, a gentle oil full of antioxidants, paired with nurturing and moisturizing organic hemp oil and shea butter. Organic castor oil helps this soap lather luxuriously. What makes this soap extra special is the locally sourced, skin loving and toning, fresh rosemary and aloe.

This soap is perfect for all skin types.

Leaves Your Skin: Silky and Clean

Don't forget to store your bar of Birch+Brass soap in a draining soap dish.

Birch and Brass soap is handmade with organic and natural ingredients. Vegan soaps available. No colorants used. Not tested on animals, non GMOs, biodegradable.


Organic Olive Oil, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Castor Oil, Local Beeswax, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Local Aloe, Local Rosemary


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