Why You Need A Draining Soap Dish

Are you one of those fabulous people that enjoys the feeling  of a hardy handmade bar of soap? 

Handmade soap is usually created by using either the cold or hot process methods. No matter the method, a few core ingredients are used to create soap. Either oils or fats, a liquid like water or goats milk, and an alkali such as sodium hydroxide. When mixed in the proper ratio, the saponification process occurs which creates a natural soap. When it comes to cleaning, there is no more iconic of a duo than soap and water. However, when soap is exposed to water, it begins to dissolve. Allowing the bar soap to dry in between uses and drain properly will increase the life of your bar! 

Make your handmade soap last longer with a draining soap dish! 


Dark bamboo draining soap dish from Birch and Brass.


There are many types of draining soap dishes. Here’s a bamboo soap dish we enjoy and have available at Birch+Brass.  


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