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Birch+Brass is a small business with big dreams. After quickly becoming interested in the craft of making soap, Birch+Brass was born. I can't tell you exactly why I was drawn to soap, but I just was. Well, I am a bit of a clean freak, but I started thinking about what I would want in a soap if I could make my own. Fast forward, and that's exactly what I did. Each bar is it's own unique creation, with a few foundational pieces.

1. Birch+Brass only uses organic oils in its handmade soaps.

2. No colorants here! Pigments, dyes, and artificial colorants are not found in our soap. Our soap cleanses and moisturizes luxuriously, without the flashy colors (or glitter). 

3. The unique scents of our bars come only from hand-selected essential oils, never fragrance oils.


Another thing that's important to Birch+Brass is being able to support other small businesses, just like us. That's why local ingredients are used in our soaps like honey, beeswax, aloe, rosemary, and goats milk for unique properties in some bars. 


Each of the four bars of soap were specifically formulated for nourishing the skin in different ways.

Lavender+Oat is a nourishing, and soothing bar that gently exfoliates with oats. 

Citrus+Floral has a one-of-a-kind scent and is highly cleansing with the perfect touch of shea butter. 

Oat+Honey has the wonderful, nourishing properties of goats milk and exfoliates with oats. 

Sensitive Skin is a bar specifically crafted to be gentle on skin paired with the benefits of fresh rosemary and aloe.

 Introducing Birch+Brass Organic, Vegan Soaps

What else makes Birch+Brass stand above the rest?

Birch+Brass soaps are created using the Cold Process method. By mixing organic oils and sodium hydroxide (lye) the chemical process of saponification occurs! Once the bar has fully cured into soap, it becomes the hardy and cleansing bar you use and enjoy.

Birch+Brass soaps are only scented with essential oils, instead of fragrance oils. Plus we don't use any colorants so each bar is the soft tan it's intended to be.

Our soap is made from the natural process above and doesn't use any artificial ingredients.

Did you know that natural soaps are biodegradable? So you can take your bar camping or backpacking without worry!  One thing to make sure of is how you dispose of your soapy water. Read more on our FAQs page.

Vegan? We have some soaps just for you!

After months of testing and evaluating each bar, I will forever be using Birch+Brass soaps, but don't just take my word for it. Try it for yourself!

Introducing Birch and Brass handmade organic soaps

Share Birch+Brass and help us grow! 

It's just the beginning, and you make a difference! Share the artisan quality of Birch+Brass and use #birchnbrass online! You make it possible for me to do something I really enjoy. Thank you! 


Feel the difference Birch+Brass has on your skin. 

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