The Difference Between Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils

Time to get down to brass tax, again. 


Although both essential oils and fragrance oils smell delightful and adds your new favorite scent to candles, lotions and beauty products, there is one big difference. Essential oils are extracted from various plants such as flowers, herbs, and trees while fragrance oils are synthetically created to smell like the natural compound. Think about all of the scented products that you use in your home, especially the ones you use on the largest organ on your body, your skin. If you choose essential oils your skin will feel the difference while you enjoy a naturally scented soap.


Birch and Brass only uses essential oils which are naturally extracted.

When using products with essential oils you are choosing quality.


Not only will the essential oils smell delightful they can lend their benefits to the skincare you’re using, like our Birch+Brass products!

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