The Best Soap Ingredients Mean Using Organic Oils

Birch+Brass values real ingredients and that's why we only use organic oils as the base ingredients for our handmade soap. 


When it comes to skincare, the careful selection of high quality oils is essential for benefiting your skin. Rather than going with the cheapest option, we select a unique blend of oils for each type of soap designed to accentuate the wonderful, skin loving benefits you enjoy. Shea butter, anyone? But what makes this luxuriously custom blend even better? Knowing that all oils used in Birch+Brass soap are USDA Organic (and from a women owned company)!

Choosing handmade soap made with organic oils means better quality on your skin!


Birch and Brass only chooses quality organic oils in our handmade soaps.


Using organic oils means our suppliers must meet high standards for soil quality, select pest and weed control practices, and unnatural additives which are regulated at the federal level. When purchasing organic, think about all the other good things you are also supporting! 

Artisan soaps that are handmde with the best ingredients, like organic oils, are pretty badass soaps.

It means choosing quality for yourself, your customers, and the environment.

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