Limited Edition: Peppermint+Pine Soap!

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There's a new Birch+Brass soapintroducing the Limited Edition: Peppermint+Pine! Crafted with dry skin in mind.

Looking for something new and cheery? It's a soap with it all, especially for dry skin!


Handmade soap perfect for winter skin from Birch+Brass. Shop Limited Edition Peppermint+Pine soap


Made with a blend of all organic coconut, palm kernel, and olive oil to create a hardy seasonal soap. What do these oils do for your skin? Coconut oil provides a rich and bubbly lather, which is why it's so common in soap. Palm Kernel oil is a cleansing oil to help rid your skin of its impurities in pores, while olive oil is full of antioxidants to nourish your skin.

One of the best parts about this soap, is the locally sourced goat milk to nourish and moisturize dry skin while creating a creamy lather! This Limited Edition soap also contains organic oats for exfoliation while helping alleviate dry or irritated skin. To bring this bar all together, it has been crafted with a cheery scent; the peppermint and pine essential oils bring a refreshing breath of winter into your home! This new soap leaves your skin smooth and tingly.


Peppermint+Pine, or any soap from Birch+Brass, is always a great gift ideano matter if you're treating yourself or someone else. 


Just like all other soaps from Birch+Brass, there are some things you won't find in our soap. First are colorants or artificial ingredients. If you're like me, you appreciate an all natural soap even if that means it can't be your favorite color (sorry Sis – no purple soap for you). Another thing you won't find in our soap is sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate, a chemically derived foaming agent. Since our soap is handmade naturally, you get the rich lather and bubbles from the oils we hand select, not SLS. It goes without saying that our products are never tested on animals. These are just some of the principles I have and instill in Birch+Brass.

Shop the Limited Edition: Peppermint+Pine soap now.


Comment what Limited Edition scent you want to see next.


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