Simple DIY Natural Cleaner Recipe

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Do you clean, like your home to be clean, or know someone who cleans? The best part, handmade cleaners are easy to make and use simple ingredients. 👏


This DIY recipe for a general purpose, natural cleaner is great to use all around the house.



This recipe is great to use in bathrooms as a shower cleaner, tile cleaner, or toilet cleaner. It's also great to clean and disinfect plastics around the house like toys and light switches. This DIY is a perfect glass cleaner too for windows and mirrors. 👍 One thing we don’t recommend using this cleaner on is natural stone, like granite or marble, or wood surfaces due to the acidic nature of vinegar. There are other recipes to try for those. 


To make 1 quart of this natural cleaner, you’ll need:  
  • 16 oz Water
  • 14 oz White Vinegar  
  • 2 oz Rubbing Alcohol, for an added disinfectant
  • 1.5 teaspoons of soap, you can use dish soap but we shredded and dissolved our Birch+Brass soap in hot water to use our natural soap
  • About 30-40 drops of your favorite essential oil


If using dish soap, the mixing tip is to add it last so it doesn't create lots of bubbles when filling our jar.


Try this homemade cleaner for a simple, natural clean in your home.

My love for a  natural clean is one of the reasons I started making our artisan soap in the first place. 🌿 Crating sustainable natural products with the best ingredients (and cleaning) brings us so much joy.
Thank you for checking out our DIY Natural Cleaner and for your appreciation of our organic soaps. 💚

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