Exfoliate with Limited Edition Clove and Patchouli Artisan Soap

New Soap

Our new Clove and Patchouli limited edition soap is officially ready for your enjoyment!

This handmade soap is crafted with Clove and Patchouli essential oils and exfoliating local coffee grounds from Mom 'n 'em Coffee.

 Clove+Patchouli handmade soap made with coffee grounds in Cincinnati.

Skincare products with coffee have unique benefits that many people enjoy in their skincare regimen. Made with the love of coffee and cute hangout spots in mind, the coffee grounds in this handmade bar soap are from Mom 'N 'Em Coffee & Wine rooted in Camp Washington in Cincinnati, Ohio. Visit for a cup of their Ferrari Brother's coffee, a delectable bite, and wine should you have the time! The coffee grounds in this artisan soap give this bar great exfoliation properties - a luufa doesn't even compare. This exfoliation increases blood flow, while caffeine awakens and energizes skin. The most interesting thing about natural skincare products using coffee is the high quantity of antioxidants. These antioxidants help fight free radicals and keep skin healthy and youthful. In addition to the many benefits of coffee grounds, this soap is also scented with fall in mind.

Our Clove+Patchouli natural soap is a wonderful antimicrobial cleanser. The essential oil combination evokes a warming and rejuvenating smell of autumn. Organic coconut, olive, and palm kernel oils create a highly nourishing soap. These oils are meant to cleanse, moisturize, and nourish skin with a bubbly leather. With cold, dry months ahead, the exfoliation and nourishment specifically formulated in this bar is meant to replenish skin during these conditions. Treat your skin to the natural ingredients of organic oils and the rich aroma from patchouli and clove essential oils. 

 Our Clove + Patchouli artisan soap leaves your skin soft and energized!

Birch and Brass Limited Edition Clove and Patchouli handmade soap.

Don’t wait to try this latest Limited Edition soap and remember to gift local and handmade for the holidays.

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