Deep Clean Your Home With This Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Is spring cleaning on your to-do list but don’t know where to start? 

Hey - I’m Natalee the maker behind Birch+Brass handmade natural products... and I’m a cleaning and list making addict. It’s part of what drew me to making artisan soap and in this case, my list making and cleaning skills are at your service. ;)

This will be the ultimate spring cleaning checklist to deep clean your home. 

This spring cleaning checklist is no joke and is not all fun and frills. It’s about getting it done. So remember WHY you’re committing to a clean home. It’s time to stop averting your eye from the spots and crevices in your home that need a little TLC. Say goodbye to the dirt, dust, and grime and create a clean and clear space around you. No matter why you’re deciding to jump into cleaning - remember it - because there’s a lot to cover and we have work to do.

First, let’s start with the ‘easier’ tasks and make your laundry machine your best friend that is here to help you. Get that washer going and let’s clean up some things that might not be on your regular laundry schedule. 

Jump start spring cleaning with the help of your washing machine.

Spring cleaning checklist using your washing machine.

  1. Pillows - both the ones that caress your head while you sleep and the throw/accent pillows around the house. Let your head rest easy the next time you fall asleep with a freshly washed pillow.
  2. Mattress pad - enough said.
  3. Comforter or duvet - follow the cleaning instructions on your tag but these are most likely washer safe. If you have an extra fluffy, or king/California king size comforter you may want to consider taking it to the laundromat based on the capacity of your washer. Damaging your washer is not on the to-do here and 2- we don’t want to wash it twice if the first wash doesn’t really get it clean. 
  4. Shower curtain (and the liner if yours is washable)
  5. Slipcover - use one of these bad boys on a piece of furniture? Unzip it and toss it in the wash.
  6. Rugs - Grab those rugs off the bathroom floor and get ‘em clean. If you have small accent rugs around the house, those can be washed too. If you have medium sized rugs like a woven 3x5 rug that needs some love but don’t want to overfill your washer, consider taking it to a laundromat and using their oversized washing machines.PS - has anyone else watched professional carpet cleaners on YouTube deep clean beautiful large area rugs? So satisfying.
  7. Curtains - freshen up your curtains with a quick wash. Make sure you check the washing instructions on the care label. 

It’s a lot of washing, remember to not overfill your washer and be thankful this handy machine cranks out load after load of clean fabrics. With all this washing, make sure your laundry soap is ready! We have been using the heck out of our natural Laundry Soap - yes it’s laundry soap, not detergent. Why, you ask? Because the word detergent is used in reference to artificial cleaning agents. Birch+Brass Laundry Soap is only made of simple ingredients like our handmade soaps, 4 natural ingredients, and essential oils. If you want to use a natural alternative to laundry detergent, check out our Laundry Soap.

Time for stage 2 of deep cleaning. Take your cleaning to the next level, perhaps to the extreme., like extreme makeover home cleaning edition. Channel your inner cleaning fanatic to knock this phase of spring cleaning out of the park.

Deep clean all the nooks and crannies in your home.

Spring deep cleaning checklist for areas around the house.

  1. Blinds - now these will be a bit tedious but trust us, they harbor dust and debris and deserve a wipe down to let the all the spring sunshine beam in cleanly and clearly. Put your hand in a spare sock or find your stash of socks with holes and wipe down each blind. 
  2. Windows - inside and out! If you know how to flip open your windows to clean the outside, fantastic, but if not, do your best to safely clean them. Don’t forget about the window cleaners that can be used with your hose too for the exterior side of the windows. 
  3. Fans - get up there with your favorite dusting products and clean around the base of the unit, the light and their covers, and you cannot forget the tops of the fan blades. Did you know you can change the direction of your fan blades? In the warm months of spring and summer make sure your fan switch is set for the fan blades to spin counterclockwise to push the air down through the room. 
  4. Doors - give your doors a good wipe down with some light soap and water. If the design of your door has any paneling or ridges  in it, chances are there’s a layer of dust and debris on those tiny little ledges. 
  5. Dust - I know.. it’s brutal. This is one of my least favorite cleaning chores, but is a home really clean if there’s a layer of dust on surfaces? Don’t forget the hard to reach places like on top of your shelves. Related to dusting, but not quite the same, is wiping the ceiling. Use an extension tool, like a broom with a microfiber towel around it and sweep the ceiling; you know there are at least a few cobwebs up there. 
  6. Vacuum - we know you have this one covered. And it’s even better knowing that everything above the floors have already been cleaned. (Please, don’t vacuum before dusting and wiping down the ceiling and fans.) Work your way from the top down so when the floor catches dust and debris, it’s easily vacuumed up last.
  7. Mop - a good mopping on any solid floors you have will feel great. Also kindly ask all children, partners, guests, and dogs to walk on their hands to keep it clean. ;) 
  8. Bathroom - get this same level of deep clean going in the bathroom. So cover everything, the mirror, sink, toilet, shower walls, all of it. It’ll be sparkling soon. Plus once your bathtub is cleaned, it’s the perfect time to drop in some of our natural Bath Salts to treat yourself to some relaxation for all this hard work! Enjoy time soothing your muscles and body while being the first to use the super clean bathroom. 

Whew! Okay take a deep breath. That’s a lot of cleaning. Depending on the surface, you can use a homemade cleaner recipe we use. Check out the recipe for this DIY cleaner. Use this simple and natural handmade cleaner on solid, non porous surfaces like tile, porcelain, glass, plastics, and more. Because it has vinegar in it, don't use it on wood or natural stone surfaces.

On a roll and still feel like cleaning? If so, check out these bonus areas to tackle. If so you may end up with a whole new house cleaned from top to bottom.

Don't forget to spring clean the exterior of your home.

Bonus deep cleaning to clean and tidy your home inside and out.

  1. Spot clean - your chairs, sofa or mattress could probably use a bit of touch up. Here’s are great spot cleaning tips from The Spruce to efficiently spot clean and treat certain stains.
  2. Two words - power washer. If you have one dust it off, if not you can always rent one from your local home improvement store or rental equipment company. These are a game changer and give overwhelming amounts of cleaning instant gratification. They’re addicting for me - leave a comment if you love them too. Power wash the driveway, siding, fence, deck, patio furniture, ooo it’s like a whole new ball game. Make sure you start at an easier setting (and stand further away) and increase the intensity as you need - you can never take back a stroke that was too strong. . 
  3. The garage or basement storage area. Let’s just leave it at that. Please make us feel better and tell us yours could benefit from some tidying too.
  4. Landscaping - freshen up your exterior and tend to the weeds, mulch, and get ready forth spring and summer blooms you want to have. Whatever your wish list is for spring and summer in your outside space, write it out. 
  5. And one thing that could be cleaned is your wardrobe. Do you have certain pieces of clothing that you don't find yourself enjoying anymore? If so, let someone else enjoy the clothes that you notice you’re not wearing or would like to replace with something different. Consider selling any extra nice items online or take them to a consignment shop. Donate your clothes to a charity or organization that speaks to you. Leave a comment on this blog for organizations you love. 

Do you feel like a cleaning champion or what? A full deep clean isn’t always the most fun, but imagine how amazing you will feel and how fantastic your home will look once this spring cleaning checklist is complete.

The list really could go on and on - if we missed one of your musts for spring cleaning, let us know! I’m already thinking of others to add like the oven, kitchen cabinets - I told you I was a cleaning addict. 

Thanks for checking out our ultimate spring cleaning checklist; we can’t wait for your home to be sparkling!

Deep clean your home this spring with this spring cleaning checklist.

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