Soap Up with Aloe and Grapefruit Limited Edition Handmade Soap

New Soap

Our brand new Aloe and Grapefruit Limited Edition soap is ready to get bubbly!

Birch and Brass Aloe+Grapefruit artisan bar soap harnesses the healing power of fresh aloe and a unique, refreshing blend of essential oils. 

Handmade Aloe and Grapefruit artisan soap is made with organic oils, fresh aloe, and essential oils for a natural way to wash.

All our soaps are handmade with completely natural ingredients. To craft an amazing bar for you and your skin, we only choose to use organic oils and essential oils in our soap. This soap is packed with hydration thanks to the fresh aloe harvested from our garden. Aloe does so much more than help skin with sunburn, it has lots of benefits for your skin! Aloe soothes and moisturizes skin. It can help skin heal by helping fight bacteria with it's antiseptic effects while increasing collagen content. Fresh aloe is a natural remedy that aides skin in many ways.

The Aloe+Grapefruit Limited Edition soap is also characterized by it’s essential oil scent combination. It's a light and floral refreshing, spa like blend. The bright and citrus scent of grapefruit has been on our mind and worked perfectly for this bar soap. Grapefruit essential oil is more than an energizing aroma, it has antimicrobial properties and is great for clearing skin and fighting acne. Lavender essential oil adds anti-aging effects and a fresh and herbaceous scent. Finally, geranium essential oil adds a sweet and light floral tone from the flower while promoting skin regeneration.

Aloe and Grapefruit handmade soap made with organic oils and essential oils.

Birch and Brass's artisan soap, Aloe+Grapefruit, leaves your skin feeling hydrated and balanced!

Don’t wait to try our latest Limited Edition soap. Grab an Aloe+Grapefruit handmade soap today.

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